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Building CI pipeline for Splunk Content

Using CircleCI and Splunk AppInspect* Recently worked on writing and open sourcing One of my goals was to make sure my code was in compliance with Splunk’s best practices at every stage of development.

Search the web from Splunk using Faroo

I have been away for a while, but been very busy at Github. Just wrapped up a app for Splunk that allows you to search the web using key words from a specific Splunk field.

Made a Auto Mitigation framework by turning Splunk UF into a EDR

Architected and built an auto-mitigation framework in Splunk that can automaticallty block attacks. Presented and showed the framework in Splunk .conf 2014.

Wrote some early Ansible roles for Splunk

Wrote a two part series ( 1, 2 ) on how to deploy Splunk securely with Ansible.