Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez
Security Researcher, Diver, and Maker
Sep 5, 2012 1 min read

Hack Miami Submarine

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Going where no hacker has gone before

The purpose of this project is to make an underwater submarine using a Raspberry Pi as the primary controller and collector for sensory data. The sensory data ranges any where from live video, temperature, acceleration, to atmospheric pressure. The submarine will also accommodate modules to be added for hacking purposes (wifi cracking underwater, packet collect, bluetooth scanning etc…). In essence a spy sub.

Rough Design Concepts:

Phase 1 Anchored Concept -


Final Concept Art -


10,000 Feet view of project:

I would like to break the project into 3 phases in order to make it feasible and get results in every phase.

  1. Build a sensor box — Drop a sensor box in salt water, make sure we get readings
  2. Give the Submarine Propulsion — Add motors and navigation
  3. Make the Submarine wireless— Attempt to all sensor data be transfer via RF/802.11 including video.


  • Narrow down scope of project
  • Select sensors that would make sense on the submarine
  • Bill of materials for phase 1 & 2
  • Test sensors
  • Make Hull, fit sensors in
  • Test Hull in salt water (no sensors)
  • Drop Hull and sensors in water

Idea Pad:

Throw your ideas down here, work with me on piecing this together. iRY5dtUo7k