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Built a underwater ROV - meet sensorsub

Designed and programmed a underwater remote controlled vehicle. See more at

Mined ethereum

built my first miner affectionally called the dish rack pictured here. build a second version, more powerful, also overclocked and tuned. Built to really mine at a still cost effective but larger scale.

Ran a public CIF Server for a while

Hosted a public instance of the collective intelligence framework for a while. Created a nice globe base on webgl to represent its data, because who does not love a goble

Created a CLI to manage the Fastly WAF

Wrote a command line interface in golang poorly named waflyctl to manage the Fastly WAF. find your weak spots

Currently experimenting with offering a API/CLI for finding password and secrets leaks

Made a Auto Mitigation framework by turning Splunk UF into a EDR

Architected and built an auto-mitigation framework in Splunk that can automaticallty block attacks. Presented and showed the framework in Splunk .conf 2014.