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Hackmiami Mining Altcoins

Thank you @hackmiami for the warm welcome. It has been a while since I attend a meeting yesterdays was stellar. Starting with the OSINT talk by Hunny.

Risks of mining ETH on GPUs

Risks of mining ETH on GPUs Came across this story which struck a bit of worry in my hear as I finally understood why is always best to buy larger memory GPU for mining.

My Second Ethereum mining Rig

Intro Recently started mining ethereum and decided to blog my experience throughout the process. You can see my first “POC” miner at my lessons learned in part 1.

My first Ethereum Mining Rig

Intro I have always been interested in cryptocurrencies, but like many of my friends never fully had a grasp of the how the market worked and how currencies were generated.

Fighting Bot Attacks presentation at FIRST

Took some time to speak to FIRST attendee regarding some of the lessons learned at Zenedge fighting bot attacks. In the presentation, I covered an attacker whom persistently kept coming back to a customer and bypassing our mitigation techniques and how we evolved to protect ourselves.

Deploying Hardened Splunk with Ansible

Just finished 2 blog post on the Splunk blog which covers how to get started with Ansible and deploy harden Splunk instances. Also dive I into how to deploy and manage multiple custom Splunk environment in AWS using Ansible.